Frequently Asked Questions

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About The NPAC

Who checks to make sure that Neustar is remaining neutral in its role as the NPAC administrator?

What do I do if I believe Neustar has violated its neutrality agreement?

If I file a complaint about Neustar’s neutrality, about how long will it be before I receive a response?

What happens if Neustar is found to be in violation of the Neutrality agreement?

What responsibilities does the NPAC have?


Where can I research and verify Neustar’s right to bill for LNP services?

I don’t participate in NPAC services. Why am I being billed?

What is a 499A form?

I may have filled out my most recent 499A form incorrectly. What should I do?

How are LNP charges calculated?

Number Portability

What is local number portability (LNP)?

Why was LNP introduced?

What does LNP accomplish?

What communication service types are supported with LNP?

How do I register as an NPAC SMS user?