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Where can I research and verify Neustar’s right to bill for LNP services?

I don’t participate in NPAC services. Why am I being billed?

What is a 499A form?

I may have filled out my most recent 499A form incorrectly. What should I do?

How are LNP charges calculated?

Why do I receive two remittances per month?

How long will I be responsible for paying SOW charges?

My company is no longer in business. Who do I contact so that I no longer receive LNP bills from Neustar?

I have seen a significant increase in my LNP charges since last month’s bill. Why?

My company is no longer in business. Am I responsible for paying all invoices billed to date?

I only receive a bill once a year, in January. Why?

Are the charges on the LNP bill rendered from the first to the last day of the month that the bill is issued, or are they specific to services that will occur following month?

What does the “M-10092888” number on my bill mean?

I have a LNP billing dispute/comment/question. Where can I turn for assistance?